Week 1's Blog : The Marshmallow

In this week’s seminar, we were introduced to the importance of design thinking. From my point of view, design thinking is a process to ensure the design incorporates a human-centered approach. Design thinking integrates empathy, creativity and rationality to obtain an innovative design. As designers, it is important for us to empathize and understand theContinue reading “Week 1's Blog : The Marshmallow”

Week 2's Blog : Wallet and Toast

In week 2’s seminar, we discussed about the designers’ mindset. In this aspect, it is important for a designer to be able to ask ‘what if’ while assessing a problem. This enables the designer to solve the problem creatively. In developing this mindset, we were encouraged to experience new things, making us more observant andContinue reading “Week 2's Blog : Wallet and Toast”