Week 2's Blog : Wallet and Toast

In week 2’s seminar, we discussed about the designers’ mindset. In this aspect, it is important for a designer to be able to ask ‘what if’ while assessing a problem. This enables the designer to solve the problem creatively. In developing this mindset, we were encouraged to experience new things, making us more observant and understanding in different situations. With this mindset, we will also be more sensitive towards the subtle differences of the internal and external environment. 

There are 2 in-class activities this week. For the first activity, we were put into groups of 4. This group will remain the same for assessment 2. Within our groups, each member would have to describe their wallet while other members would have to write down multiple one word descriptions about that wallet on a sticky note. It was a weird experience having to describe someone else’s wallet as we have never thought about it before. Once 10 minutes was up, we were required to post the sticky notes onto a wall and to move them about to form meaningful categories. In my group, the categories that we came out with were looks, features, contents and about the wallet. 

Paige and her wallet
One Word Description
Final categories

For the second activity, we were required to draw a diagram of how to make toast. We were not allowed to use words in the diagram. It was important to keep the diagram simple and understandable. 

Diagram of how to make toast

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